My/Your Writing Space

So when we talk about the writing space, what exactly do we mean? 

Generally we would be talking about the room itself, the chair  and 
desk from which we navigate our creative ship and  hopefully the 
four walls that surround us. We’d also be talking about what we’d 
put on those walls, and the physical tools of the trade we’d use to 
record our work: pencil, pen, paper, computer, vocal recorder, etc. 
Let me start by saying this should not be taken lightly. 
This is your writing home, so care should be taken to make it as 
comfortable and creatively conducive for what you have in mind; creating
your baby or babies, not with your significant other, but with the 
muse, when it sees fit to grace you with its presence. 
Let’s make this simple. 
That chair’s gotta be comfy, ‘cause your bottom’s 
gonna spend a lot of time in it. I like a swivel chair that reclines a 
bit, has adjustable height and wheels to roll about. Variety is 
important to me in this most important piece. 

Then the desk. 
I read in a craft book, and some of my creative writing professors 
concurred that your desk should always be wooden, something about 
the organic nature of wood and creativity. I don’t know that to be true, but 
I got me a sweet, inexpensive wooden desk from Target that just happens 
to be my favorite color: black. 

You should listen to your mentors, professors, and in general the ones 
that came before us. They did something right to get where they are. 
How ‘bout those boring blank walls. 
I have drawings of some of my characters from the stories I’m working on. has some incredible artists for reasonable rates … cheap! 
I have my gold and platinum record awards on the wall from my music days. 
They have nothing to do with writing but they make me feel good and that’s 
important. Find things that make you feel good and put ‘em up! 
I have a caricature of myself on the wall. It makes me laugh. 

We all know what laughter does … put ‘em up. 

Ooh, if you can do adjustable lights with different colors, do it. 
There’s nothing like setting the mood and being able to manipulate that 
mood. You may need to change the mood when you run into that block. Yikes!
What are you writing with? 
Pencil, pens, paper? Make sure you have enough paper, ink, and a 
sharpener. I heard the same for pencils, pens, and paper that I did 
about that wooden desk, the organic thing, but I predominantly use my 
computer now, and my most inspired work has come from the tips of my 
fingers to a keypad.
Here’s one for ya-- a thermostat. 
Changing the temperature in a room can change the mood, 
and again mood matters. 

I mentioned four walls at the start for a reason. 
You need to be able to isolate yourself with a locked door and the ability to 
cut yourself off from the outside world including phone calls, text messages, 
the internet/social media and the like. 

                                                           Ouch! I know, right?
Then round it off, or better yet square it away with a 
library/bookshelf with your favorite books in it and a few not-so favorites. 
Don’t forget craft books. They're important, too. 

Writing’s a creative act, duh! 
So get creative with some incense if that’s your fancy, some music, 
maybe Jazz or classical or whatever, not distracting, but to again, set a mood. 
And when you have to take the space mobile, as I do more often than not, 
have a small pad and pencil that fits in your pocket or purse (not the 
front pocket guys). A voice recorder which comes standard on most 
smarter-than-us phones is perfect for the mobile writing space, 
especially when you’re actually driving. (Please don't write and drive.)

The point is, your writing space is personal, no two spaces will be the same.
Create a space that is comfortable, inspiring and conducive to the creative 
process. Make your space work for you so that you can work in your space. 

Happy writing.

4 thoughts on “My/Your Writing Space

  1. Very helpful information. Although I’m not a writer, I do like to have a my space for what I do. As an electrician, I’m often taking electronic stuff apart. And instead of using an actual work bench, I prefer to do it on a desk while sitting on a comfortable chair. So my work space ia set up more like an office, primarily because its serves multiple purposes. It’s a space where I may also handle bills, handle personal business, read up on electrical material, or just sit while getting some me time. And as you stated, you want that space to feel comfortable. So thanks for sharing.


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